About Us

our mission

Who we are?

We are ambitious muslims who are conscious that time on earth is limited and we are here for a purpose. We are goal-oriented individuals who want to use our God-given skills for a greater good, make a difference in people’s lives and leave a good legacy behind us that will benefit us on the Day of judgement.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Omar is a graduate in Applied Mathematics and Supply Chain Management with more than 10 years experience in the FMCG and supply chain. He is passionate about the Quran, surfing, Brazilian Jiu Ji Tsu, observing nature and visiting mosques across the world and different cultures.
His problem-solving skills, his vision, his empathy and coaching skills are great assets to this project. He decided to invest in this project to fulfill a purpose and make a difference in people’s lives.

Our Story

It all started in 2014 when one of my family members asked me to be his/her executor after he/she passes away. I felt honored and at the same time a great sense of responsibility. He/she lives abroad far from the family and the legal procedures are not simple. Many years later I started thinking that with time many of her wishes might have changed, as well as his/her assets, his/her family situation, debt situation etc.

This thought kept coming back into my mind for long time until I decided to take action. The project idea flourished based on 2 fundamental observations today:
- We live in a globalized world where it has become common that families are scattered across the globe.
- Our assets are more dynamic than ever, hence we need a platform to quickly update our situation anywhere, anytime.

Then I decided to study the topic and see what the Quran and Sunnah have to say about it. Various ayate and ahadith treat the importance of the topic and finally when I first read this hadith where the Prophet PBUH said:“It is not permissible for any muslim who has assets to bequeath to go two consecutive nights without having their last will and testament written” Bukhari 2738. When I internalized this, I decided I really have to do something about it. When we had our daughter, then I felt even more the urge to carry this project.

We are so absorbed in this life that death has become taboo, yet it is a reality for all of us and we forget that it can come any time, whenever Allah has decided. We should be able to talk about it and most importantly prepare for it. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also said “Remember more often the destroyer of pleasures i.e death.”

Finally, it is daddening to see many people pass away and we don’t know what are their wishes. It is more saddening to see families break because of inheritance issues. We pray that this work will make a difference and help people decide their legacy and enable united and happy families around the world. Please pray and make duaa for us.

Sincerely, Omar cedrati

our mission